We’re here to help you keep your house from falling apart

with technology!

If you’re like us, you live somewhere.

And maybe you don’t want that place to burn down while you sleep. You might be a homeowner, naturally concerned with the age of your hot water heater. Maybe you’re a really responsible renter, who just appreciates the efficacy of a clean hood over your stove. And, we’re you. We like things cozy. We like to save money. But we’re not going to wreck ourselves making everything perfect.

We Believe in Realistic Home Maintenance.

We work jobs that tax our brains, bend our bodies over keyboards, and leave very little remaining at the end of the day to clean baseboards and vacuum out the dryer vent tube. Did you know that you need to clean out your dryer’s exhaust tube periodically? When’s the last time you did it? Are you going to lay awake tonight wondering if that load of laundry you shoe-horned into the end of your day, dryer gently white-noising you to sleep, is actually going to catch fire and be the end of your domestic bliss? Well, maybe you are now. We’ve been there. We too have wondered if we can get just one more year out of that furnace. We’ve remarked that the oven soot adds a nice hint of smokey flavor. And, we have no illusions that we’re ever going to live in a perfectly manicured sitcom set. Our homes look lived in. We’re okay with that. We just don’t want to go out in a dryer fire.

We help you do the most important home maintenance tasks first and effectively.

— without the guilt and eternal backlog